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Просмотр выбранного раздела или поиск
The Download Manager module allows you (if the board administrator has given you permission) to upload and download files.  Depending upon the settings the administrator has enabled, you will be able to rate files, add files to your favorites, comment on files, and subscribe to be notified when files are updated.   

Downloading a File   
In the Download Manager if you have permission, you will see an 'Add File' button at the top and bottom of each page.  Click this button, choose the category you wish for the file to be posted to, and fill in the on-screen information.  Browse for your file (and screenshot, where applicable) and submit the form.  Some administators may wish to manually approve your submission, while others may let it automatically and immediately become live for the rest of the members to view.   

Search for a File   
In the Download Manager click the 'Search' button and then fill in the information you wish to search based upon.  Please note that the date fields will accept many forms of human-understandable date ranges.  For example, you can search for files submitted between 'last Friday' and 'today'.  The author field will present you with a list of possible suggested usernames after you have typed in at least 3 characters.  You can also control the sorting options at the bottom of the form to help order the results to your liking.   

Commenting on Files   
Depending upon the settings enabled by the administrator you may be able to comment on files within the Download Manager.  You will either see a Popup window link, or you will see the comments listed at the bottom of the page.  Just enter your comment and submit it.  The administator may wish to approve your comment before it is publicly viewable.   

Rating Files   
If permitted, you will be able to rate files in the Download Manager.  Just click the button that corresponds to the rating you wish to submit.  For example, if you wish to submit a rating of 3, click the third image in the row of 5.  The rating will apply without a page refresh (depending upon the browser you are using).
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