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> Youth problems : job, drugs

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Название файла Youth problems : job, drugs от пользователя z3rg
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Тип работы: топик
Проблемы молодежи: работа, наркотики.
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Youth problems : job, drugs

When you leave school you understand that the time of your independence life and the beginning of a far more serious examination of your abilities and character has come.

You also understand that from now you^ll have to do everything yourself, and to “fight” with everybody around you for better life.

The first problem that young people meet is to choose their future profession, it  means that they have to choose the future of their life. It^s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job.

You know children have a lot of dreams about their future : to become a superman or a policeman or a doctor …

It^s very easy they think, but when they become older and see real world they understand that in all professions need  to know perfectly about what you do, you must be well-educated and well-informed. That^s why I think it^s very important to have a good education at school. And if you  work hard everything will be OK.

Another problem of young people is drugs. This is a relatively new problem but it is becoming more and more dangerous.  Million young people today are using drugs, and most of them will die. Usually they want just to try it , then again and again … and after year may be two years they will die . It is true. Because there are no medicine to help you.

That^s why never do it, if you do - it goes bad, very bad.    I think that police must work hard to protect young people from drugs. Because drugs will kill our young generation and our future will be very bad.  

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